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Dra.Raquel Campos

Gynecologist and obstetrician. Sexologist. Gynecoesthetics


About Dra. Raquel Campos

How we got here

Since the beginning of my professional career, the knowledge of the patient has motivated my daily work. Her environment, her anxieties, her expectations regarding the disease or her motherhood make each patient unique and that being able to accompany her at different stages of her life is a unique opportunity to help. For this reason I decided to opt for Gynecology.
During my career in Health, I was part of the Gynecology Service of the Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell Hospital, a regional hospital that gave me the opportunity to closely monitor the patient, with ongoing training in the field of prenatal diagnosis, as well as in the pathology of the Pelvic Floor. It was in this field that patients increased my interest in sexology, since there were many who expressed their doubts, fears or concerns.
Sexology has just closed a circle in the knowledge of women, encompassing her entire physical, mental and emotional sphere.

In the same way, many women, within sexual well-being and health, have certain difficulties that currently can be solved either with regenerative techniques or through genital cosmetic surgery, with minimal intervention and few side effects.
And so I started a new path to help my patients a little more in their sense of global well-being.

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Comprehensive care for women

Gynecological consultation

Obstetric consultation

Sexological consultation

Gynecoesthetic consultation


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